Campus life – Why to select NCAT !!!

Students in the NCAT are guarded 24/7 CCTV surveillance. All the students (boys and girls) are treated professionally and personally on every aspect through professors in the campus.

Campus infrastructure

NCAT  was  established  on  28th  September  2015  in  Peraiyur  Village,  Kamuthy  Block  of Ramanathapuram District with the intention of moulding students in this professional degree B.Sc.,(Hons.) Agriculture for sustainable development of the Nation and promoting Scientific Agriculture in the Coastal Dry Tract of this district where entire agricultural practices are almost rainfed.

              NCAT  entails all the modern facilities that are required to develop the agricultural domain. The different facilities that the college offers are well equipped laboratories for various departments like agronomy, soil science, micro-biology, plant pathology, entomology,  extension, economics, engineering, nano-science and technology, plant breeding, bio-chemistry, forestry, animal husbandry and other units viz., dispensary, gymnasium, playgrounds, computer lab, guest house, library, hostels and students co-operative stores.

NCAT has been set with a mission to meet the growing demand of food. With the increased demand for well-trained farm scientists to disseminate the latest technologies into reality in sustainable production of food, fodder, fibre and fuel. NCAT are superior in budding smart agriculture professionals to meet the current and future demands. NCAT aims at creating agricultural graduates with latest technology and inputs to create Ever Green Revolution.


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