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Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences consists of Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Mathematics, English, Computer Science and Tamil.

Agricultural Extension concentrating on disseminating technologies from the lab to land, conducting training program, exhibitions, field visits, circulating leaflets and folders on advanced technologies to the farming community. This department works on the collection and documentation of ITK’s from the farmers. Also carrying-out research activities to identifying problems, prioritizing, analyzing problems encountered by the farmers in adopting advanced technologies.

Agricultural Economics focuses on maximizing the returns with minimum investment. Research work in the field influences policies on food, agriculture and environment.

Agricultural Mathematics plays a vital role in the development of agriculture. It focuses on the concepts of mathematics in agricultural development with clarity and precision that enable us to perform computations, solve problems and complete proofs with ease. It is a powerful technique of analysis which can be used to prove or disprove theories in economics for agricultural development.

Computer Science applies information technology for processing and management of agriculture related statistical data.