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Department of Crop Improvement

Department of Crop Improvement with NCAT

  • Department of Crop improvement consists of Plant breeding and genetics,Agricultural Micro biology,Crop physiology,Seed science and technology, Soil science and Agricultural chemistry.
  • Plant breeding and genetics focuses on the creative process of developing new plant varieties for crop and seed improvement.
  • Agricultural Micro biology dealing with plant-associated microbes and culturing them to learn about their life cycle under an invitro conditions. It also deals with the microbiology of soil fertility, such as microbial degradation of organic matter.The laboratory is fully equipped with Laminar air flow chamber, Digital light microscope,Centrifuge,autoclave,hot air oven etc..
  • Crop physiology focuses on the growth, development, and production of economic yield by crop plants. Consequently most crop physiology research is conducted in growth chambers, greenhouses, and in the field.
  • Seed science and technology focuses on many key aspects for agricultural produce such as evaluation of superior crop plant varieties, seed production, processing, seed testing and storage, marketing, distribution and research on such aspects of seed.
  • Soil science and Agricultural chemistry works on soil structure,soil texture,mineral compositions, electrical conductivity,Cation Exchange Capacity, Anion Exchange Capacity,pH,water holding capacity, identifying problem soil and suggesting reclamation methods by using modern techniques.