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  • Venkata Jayanth Sunkati, Assistant Manager, Godfrey Phillips India Limited
  • G.Datchanamoorthy, Executive Sales Officer, Polysil Irrigation System Private Ltd.
  • G. Kokilavani, Crop Cutting Experiment Staff, Sedapatti, Madurai.
  • D. Priyadharshini , Crop Cutting Experiment Staff, Thiruvadanai, Madurai.
  • M. Ramya, Assistant Branch Postmaster, Ramanathapuram.
  • M. Shanthini, Senior Associate – Quality Officer, Waycool.
  • R. Periyannan, District Co-ordinator, Polysil Irrigation System Private Ltd.
  • M. Abinaya, Chief Executive Officer, Thanjavur.


Students Projects and Publications

  1. Syed Rizwan Ahmed and Nandhini.M, Muruganantham.G, Mohammed Yusuf.S,
    Namburanjith .G, 2020, Production and Marketing Performance of Cotton in Tamil Nadu- A case study, Trends in Biosciences Journal (Article no- 11599).
  2. Akila, M.Ashique, K.Baladeepa, M. Balapreethi and J. Ramachandran, 2020, Spatial Estimation of Vegetation Indexes in Anaiyur Catchment Using LANDSAT 8 Image. Journal of Plant Development Sciences. Vol. 12(10).
  3. Baladeepa, M. Balapreethi, M.Ashique, R. Akila and Ramachandran, 2020, Assessment of Land Surface Temperature Variation in Anaiyur Catchment Using Remote Sensing Algorithm, Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 24(8).

Extra curricular activities

  • P. Kavi Bharathi won first prize in Shipwreek event.
  • S.Varsha participated and secured first position in Minute to frame.
  • P. Bharathi won first prize in English & Tamil Turn quote and third prize in AD-ZAP.
  • N.Kokula Indra and team participated and secured first position in group fusion dance competition.
  • S. Manoj Kumar secured first prize in Poster Presentation.
  • M. Madhan Sriram won second prize in Photography Contest.
  • G. Karthika won second prize in Block and Tackle event.
  • Charuprabha and Ms.B. Reethega won second prize in Step and Synchrome event.
  • Mohammed Naziq won second prize in Vocal Solo competition.
  • T. Divyaprabha & Ms. M. Shanthini bagged the second prize in Dumbcharad event.
  • M. Bavani won second prize in Non-Classical solo dance.
  • M. Debika Rai & Ms. G.Divya won second prize in Group dance.
  • Ajisha S George team secured third position in group dance.
  • K. Jaswariya and M. Seema parveen won second prize in the event of Hair Styling.
  • M. Narmadha secured second postion in Face painting & Rangoli events.
  • G. Muruganantham and Mr. K. Ramsai,won the best’s of Plant snappy award.
  • K. Sivamaninesan, Mr. A.Kirubanithy, Mr. M.Abinandhu, Mr. C.Kabilan,
  • N.Ashwin participated and secured Trophy of Zonal runners